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Man tied to Chris Bagley murder sentenced to 94 months in unrelated case


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) -- 31-year-old Andrew Shaw has been sentenced to 94 months in a large-scale marijuana trafficking operation. Shaw was previously tied to the murder of Chris Bagley.

Court documents show that Shaw started trafficking marijuana in 2010. 

In 2017, Shaw started focusing his marijuana trafficking business on making and selling marijuana edibles and THC cartridges. 

In March 2019, multiple law enforcement agencies searched various properties Shaw owned in Cedar Rapids.  In a building on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids, law enforcement found large amounts of materials used to make marijuana products. 

During a search of Shaw’s house, officers also found two firearms.

At sentencing, Shaw was held responsible for making threats of violence as part of his drug trafficking.

Court documents state, "Shaw made threats against a man who was interfering with his drug trafficking operation. 

Shaw told other people that he wanted this man “beat up,” “tuned up,” or assaulted.

Two other men who previously sold marijuana they purchased from Shaw eventually confronted this man.  During the confrontation, the man was stabbed multiple times and died from his wounds."

The court documents never explicitly name Chris Bagley. However, an autopsy shows Bagley did die from multiple stab wounds.

Sara Belmont

Assistant News Director

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