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Lawmakers reach coronavirus relief package deal

(NBC) -- Senate leaders and the White House reached a deal on a two-trillion dollar, economic relief package.

The relief package is in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The package would give direct payments to most Americans, expand unemployment benefits and assist small businesses.

The bill is expected to include billions of dollars in assistance for hospitals and corporations.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) said the legislation is expected to be passed later today.

"It will rush new resources onto the front lines of our nation's healthcare fight and it will inject trillions of dollars of cash into the economy as fast as possible to help American workers, families, small businesses and industries make it through this disruption and emerge on the other side ready to soar, " said Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

If passed, the relief package would be the third round of emergency legislation Congress has approved to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.

NBC News

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