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Local Boy Scouts remain unaffected by Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) - Cedar Valley Boy Scout leader says local Iowa councils will remain unaffected by the bankruptcy.

Earlier in the week the Boy Scouts of America filed for Bankruptcy Protection. The filing is an attempt to workout a compensation plan for victims of sex-abuse and put their lawsuits on hold.

However, the support of the scouts in Waterloo proved to be thriving. The 40th annual Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast in the Cedar Valley hosted more than 800 people supporting the scouts. Stan Weaver, an Eagle One Flapjacker, whose been with the boy scouts for 40 years says local troops and coucils will be unaffected by the bankruptcy.

"The bankruptcy is totally on the national level, and does not affect the local councils. I really can't say anything other than that," says Weaver.

Despite the bankruptcy, boy scout troops look to press on as normal. The pancake breakfast proceeds go back to scouts for campership. A program to help scouts pay for membership expenses.

Scout Savoy Hiesterman, is a tier below eagle scout and looks forward to the pancake breakfast every year.

"I got to look up to the older scouts in my troop and then I got to teach some of the young scouts. I show them what I've accomplished and what they can accomplish as well," says Hiesterman.

The bankruptcy petition listed on the Boy Scouts' assets range between $1 Billion and $10 Billion, and it's liabilities at $500 Million to $1 Billion.

Read more on the bankruptcy here.

Vinny Lowerre

Producer & Multimedia Journalist

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