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Dyersville preps ahead of MLB game

DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KWWL) - With less than six-months until Major League Baseball takes over Iowa, the City of Dyersville is prepping for major tourism.

Last summer, the MLB announced they will hold the first-ever professional baseball game in Iowa at the Field of Dreams. Yesterday, Dyersville announced they will host "Beyond the Game," a week-long festival ahead of the game.

Dyersville has a population of about 4,000. With 8,000 people expected to attend the game, the city could expect thousands more to attend the additional festivities.

Kieth Rahe, President & CEO of Trave Dubuque, said the event has garnered attention from across the globe.

"It really has become part of Americana," said Rahe. "And I think it plays in why this game, from what Major League Baseball has told me, out of all of the events that they've done over the years, all of them, this is the most in-demand ticket that they've ever had."

Dyersville will have additional security police presence with help from the neighboring cities. The MLB will supply their own security for the baseball stadium.

Hotels in Dyersville and the surrounding area are fully booked for the week. However, Karla Thompson, Executive Director of the Dyersville Chamber of Commerce, said locals could profit from this.

"We are encouraging people to check out the Airbnb option," said Thompson. "But here in town, we already have residents that open up their homes for Toy Shows. So people are able to stay with locals and show off that Dyersville hospitality and even the area hospitality firsthand."

The city will host informational events for those interested in becoming Airbnb hosts.

And while the tourists are visiting, Rahe offers some advice for those living amongst the festivities.

"If people need directions or have questions, just stop and take time and help answer those questions and stuff," said Rahe. "Because what a great way to showcase our region."

Some of the Beyond the Game events include fan-fests, watch parties and concerts. The festival will run from August 12th through the 15th.

The big game will happen on August 13th. Dates for ticket sales have not been announced yet.

The Field of Dreams Movie Site will also be closed to the public from August 8th to the 16th.

Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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