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Iowa Democratic Party Announces Results of Official Recanvass Request

IOWA-- The recanvass results still have Pete Buttigieg at the top, getting 14 national delegates. He is closely followed by Bernie Sanders who will get 12.

Elizabeth Warren will receive 8 delegates, Joe Biden 6 delegates, and rounding out the top 5, Amy Klobuchar will get 1 national delegate.

The IDP reported corrections for 26 precincts where a misapplication of the rules affected delegate allocation, and 3 precincts where the reported final alignment did not match what was on the math worksheet.

The remaining records of results that were requested for review were either accurately reported initially; corrected in the previous review; represent precincts electing a single-delegate from the caucus as a whole; or reflect math inconsistencies that are not covered under the SCC resolution.

The list of recanvassed precincts and changes can be found here.

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