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Iowa state lawmakers propose bills to stop suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid child support

Des Moines (KWWL) -- An Iowa State Senator and State Representative have introduced bills to stop the practice of suspending driver's licenses or traveling privileges for unpaid child support.

Senator Amy Sinclair and Representative Mary Wolfe introduced the bills recommended by Families United Action Network (FUAN), a Des Moines-based non-profit.

They say the current law lessens the ability to find and keep a job.

"In my years as an Iowa peace officer, I always thought it was pointless to suspend drivers who otherwise had a perfect driving record but just fell behind paying child support which had nothing to do with driving or safety," said Tom McDermott, retired Iowa police officer and FUAN custodial affairs director.

Senate File 2237, House File 2006 and House File 2010 are not currently scheduled a subcommittee in either chamber.

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