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Cold weather cold impact your Valentine’s Day flowers

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - As we see some of the coldest temperatures of the season roll in, florists are trying to keep their flowers warm ahead of Valentine's Day.

Roses are typically grown in warmer countries, like Ecuador and Columbia. They are then shipped and distributed across the United States.

Roses are not adapt to our colder Iowan temperatures, which means florists, like Cathy Rottinghaus from Bancroft's Flowers, are having to take extra precautions.

"When it's this cold we just double bag everything at make sure its kept warm. And we tell our customers the same thing," said Rottinghaus. "If they come in and get something we wrap it up in an extra bag and keep it nice and warm. Flowers like to be kept cool in your home but like anything else they can freeze below 32 degrees."

Bancroft has three vans hitting the road for Valentine's Day deliveries. However, co-owner, Doug Knudtson, said their drivers also need to take precautions for their own safety.

"We've doubled bagged all of the flowers that have gone out today and we have gotten them inside and in delivery vehicles as soon as we can is the key thing for us," said Knudtson.

Once those flowers are home, experts say to keep them away from any drafts from windows and doors. They also say to keep them out from direct sunlight.

Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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