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Progressive Bernie Sanders has narrowly won New Hampshire’s presidential primary election

Progressive firebrand Bernie Sanders has won New Hampshire's presidential primary election.

On Tuesday, the Vermont senator seized the first clear victory in the Democratic Party's chaotic nomination fight despite a late charge from moderate rivals Pete Buttigieg, who finished second, and Amy Klobuchar, who finished third.

Elizabeth Warren finished a distant fourth, while Joe Biden came in fifth. They were on track to finish with zero delegates from the state.

The significance of Sanders' win was matched only perhaps by the struggle of Biden, who spent most of the last year as the Democratic national front-runner but fled New Hampshire hours before polls closed, anticipating a bad finish.

Addressing supporters Tuesday night, Sanders claimed victory in New Hampshire and pledged that if he becomes the Democratic nominee, he will unite a fractured party to defeat President Donald Trump.

Biden's disappointment offered new opportunity for dueling Midwestern moderates, Klobuchar and Buttigieg.

UPDATE: 239 of 301 precincts have reported. The democrat numbers show,

Bernie Sanders, 26 percent
Pete Buttigieg, 24 percent
Amy Klobuchar, 20 percent
Elizabeth Warren, 9 percent
Joe Biden, 8 percent
Tom Steyer, 4 percent
Tulsi Gabbard, 3 percent
Andrew Yang, 3 percent
Total Write-ins, 1 percent

On the republican side, 238 of 301 precincts.

x-Donald Trump, 86 percent
Bill Weld, 9 percent
Total Write-ins, 3 percent

Associated Press

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