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Iowa Democratic Caucus–what happened, as seen on The Steele Report

KWWL Political analyst, Dr. Chris Larimer, stops by to talk about fallout from the Iowa caucus chaos. Here is a link to the interview:

President Trump Friday weighed in on the Iowa caucuses, both at the White House and in a tweet.

While he didn't use the word 'caucus' in his Friday tweet, The President seemed to voice his support for Iowa, tweeting, “Iowa and New Hampshire will not be moved from the Primary Schedule as long as I am President.” He added “Great Tradition!”

But, at the White House, The President criticized Democrats for the caucus chaos and coding error.

The President told reporters, "I think they fried their votes on computer. Think of it all the money that the Democrats spent and the votes are fried. They have no idea who won."

Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Troy Price, says there will be an independent review of the caucus mistakes. Price added, “As I've said before, the challenges in reporting data and the delays in publicizing results were categorically unacceptable. Iowa Democrats demand better of us and frankly, we demand better of ourselves.”

Price says the Iowa Democratic Party will be undergoing an independent review of caucus night.

He says that report will be delivered to the Democratic State Central Committee.

The Iowa Democratic Party will also gives campaigns the opportunity to submit evidence of inconsistencies between the data reported and the results for correction.

In addition, the deadline for a campaign to request a recanvass has been extended to Monday at noon.

National Democratic party Chair, Tom Perez, has called for a complete recanvass. Perez again said, "This was unacceptable. That's why we have people still on the ground there, we completed the counting last night and we're going to continue not only to work in Iowa, but to learn the lessons of Iowa,"

Senator Bernie Sanders, who came within one tenth of a percentage point of winning Iowa, said he doesn't think a recanvass is necessary right now. Sanders praised the work of the hundreds of unpaid, volunteers involved in the Iowa Caucus, but, expressed disappointment in the mistakes.

“The people there are really great people who take their responsibility of the first caucus in the country very, very seriously. And it is really sad that the Democratic party of Iowa, if I may say so, screwed up the counting process quite so badly."

All across the country this week, there has been strong criticism of Iowa's first-in-the-nation Presidential precinct caucuses. The long delay in reporting results frustrated the campaigns, their supporters and national news organizations, and gave opponents of the Iowa Caucuses fresh ammunition to end Iowa's reign as first in the nation.

Friday, the Iowa Democratic Party, moved to try and slow down some of the calls to remove Iowa from ever again going first in the Presidential nominating process.

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