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Pete Buttigieg stops at Liberty High School, one week from caucus

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KWWL) - While 2020 Democratic Candidate Pete Buttigieg has dropped significantly in some recent polls, the former Midwestern mayor says his campaign remains strong.

"There are going to be fluctuations in the polls and we're prepared for even more in the final days," Buttigieg said. "We are in contention, we're in a position to win and we have a level of enthusiasm."

A poll released Monday by Emerson College shows Buttigieg has dropped eight percentage points since December, the most by any of the core candidates remaining in that span.

"My focus will be to maintain an 'underdog mentality,' no matter what the polls say," Buttigieg said.

As impeachment proceedings for President Trump continue this week, Buttigieg said it's more about principle than it is the outcome in Trump's case.

"What's at stake right now is not just holding this president accountable, but setting a standard for the presidency itself," Buttigieg said. "It is not okay to lie, to cheat, to involve a foreign government in our elections."

In the final week before the Iowa Caucuses on Monday February 3, Buttigieg's campaign is working on counties that flipped from Barrack Obama to President Trump in 2016.

"What I see at events as we travel the state -whether we're in more liberal areas, or in areas that voted for Donald Trump- is a lot of people ready to crossover," Buttigieg said.

Travis Breese

Reporter, Iowa City

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