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“Baylee’s Bill” aims to honor woman killed at Highway 30 intersection

(KWWL) -- At the end of November, tragedy struck as Baylee Hess was killed in an auto accident at Highway 30 and 21st Avenue in Benton County.

Hess's sister, Jade Ewoldt, posted to Facebook announcing the family's efforts to make that intersection safer.

"The bill would require all paved county roads outside of city limits that have a 55 mph speed limit that intersect with a state or US highway to have rumble strips," Ewoldt said in a post.

Currently, the bill is titled HF 2004, sponsored by Iowa Representatives Dean Fisher, Tom Gerhold, and Cecil Dolecheck. Currently, it's been referred to a subcommittee. Ewoldt says if the bill goes to the floor for a full house vote, then it will be named "Baylee's Bill."

Ewoldt says she and family will attend a Benton County Supervisors meeting on January 28th to request support for the intersection in Benton County.

Hess failed to stop at the intersection before striking a semi, according to an accident report by the Iowa State Patrol.

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