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Sheriff Thompson to announce candidacy for reelection

Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson plans to formally announce his decision to seek reelection at his campaign kickoff and fundraiser on Wednesday, January 22nd, at Jameson’s Public House in Waterloo at 6 pm.

According to the announcement, Sheriff Thompson’s decision is based on the determination of the Black Hawk County sheriff’s deputies, command staff and administrators to continue moving forward on positive changes brought forward during Sheriff Thompson’s administration.

He says he has also received strong encouragement from community leaders and law enforcement officials throughout the county and state.

Thompson also commented on the support of his family, “I’m fortunate beyond words to have the enthusiastic support of my wonderful wife Janel and our two amazing sons, Bryce and Brady.”

In 2008, I promised the voters of Black Hawk County methodical and positive changes toward improving the Sheriff’s Office. Because of the great work of our deputies and staff, county crime continues to fall and the Sheriff’s Office budget is well aligned to agency goals. With the support of our county supervisors and strong partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, the Sheriff’s Office is more responsive than ever to needs of our county.

In collaboration with other law enforcement leaders, we have strengthened first responder capabilities throughout the county. To further assist our outstanding deputies and jail staff we recently added a new jail security software system. Today, our county jail operates at the highest levels of safety and security while surpassing certified standards for inmate custody and treatment. In partnership with the First Judicial District of Correctional Services we created a mental health jail diversion program that has simultaneously reduced both taxpayer costs and crime. Our work on the intersection of law enforcement and mental health led to an invitation for me to participate in a White House summit on mental health.

I’m running for reelection because there is more we can do to upgrade and improve the sheriff’s office. For example, we will soon implement a combined joint public safety software project. In accordance with emerging best practices, and in partnership with county supervisors, I look forward to implementing a new Critical Incident Response Team. This initiative will reduce mental health arrests, diminish assaults and abusive behavior by offenders, reduce taxpayer costs and improve public safety. These and other Sheriff’s Office initiatives are among the reasons I’m running for reelection.

Our entire county and all of the employees of the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office deserve law enforcement that keeps striving to be better. The entire county deserves law enforcement we can trust to serve to the best of our ability and to operate in a fiscally prudent manner. I look forward to the support of everyone who shares these goals.

Tony Thompson, Black Hawk County Sheriff
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Daniel Winn

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