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Windy Saturday/Sunday (viewer pics)

After the snow and ice came the winds this weekend - winds that brought the coldest wind chills of the season so far. Once the cold front passed, winds quickly began gusting to around 50 mph. The top *measured* wind speeds are below:

Severe thunderstorm criteria is 58 mph wind gusts or greater

In fact, damage was reported in Grundy Center where shingles were blown off of a roof.

The winds also dropped temperatures like a lead balloon:

Then the wind chills followed, dropping to about -30° Sunday morning.

The wind also caused blowing snow and travel difficulties while simultaneously kicking ice particles in the air, allowing for spectacular shots of the sundogs, among other things:

Blizzard January 18, 2020

Sunny, 7 degrees, windchill -21, wind gusts 35-40 mph❄❄❄

Posted by Hahn Farm on Saturday, January 18, 2020
Hahn Farm - Ackley

Here is a full list of reports:

Cedar Rapids Airport53 mph
Dubuque Airport53 mph
Iowa City Airport52 mph
Independence49 mph
Waterloo Airport48 mph
Boscobel Airport48 mph
Washington Airport45 mph
Monticello Airport45 mph
Oelwein Airport45 mph
Stanley44 mph
Platteville Municipal Airport44 mph
Ionia 2 N44 mph
Marion41 mph
Urbana40 mph
Lowden 1.4 SE40 mph
Lancaster39 mph
Frankville 5 NW38 mph
Decorah Municipal Airport37 mph
Riceville36 mph
Saratoga36 mph
Prairie Du Chien Airport36 mph
Ridgeway 1 E34 mph
Nashua31 mph

Brandon Libby


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