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Iowa Democratic debate sees few attacks, heavy policy talk

DES MOINES, Iowa (KWWL) -- Six presidential hopefuls left it all on the stage as they appealed to Iowa Democrats in the last debate before the caucus.

"We have spent trillions of dollars on that endless war," said Senator Bernie Sanders out the gate as the candidates faces questions on issues in the Middle East.

“We have lost our standing in the region we have lost our allies," said former Vice President Joe Biden.

"We should not be asking our combat troops to solve problems that cannot be solved militarily," said Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The only veteran on the stage – saying congress needs to do better.

Pete “There were members of congress who admitted they didn't know we even had troops there," said Mayor Pete Buttigieg, referring to a situation in Niger.

Then things shifting to trade.

“I think we need a big trading block in North America to take on China," said Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Sanders claiming past trade deals only support major corporations, and he wants stronger environmental policies.

A unique moment as candidates discussed whether a women could be president.

"The only people on this stage to win every election they've been in are women," said Warren.

The candidates once again split on healthcare – some saying to build upon whats in place – progressives wanting major change.

The question now is how will tonight's performance affect who does well on caucus night?

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