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Auto body shop gives tips on winter car care

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) - Many drivers faced icy windshields Saturday in Eastern Iowa. A local auto body repair shop reminded people some of their out-of-the-box remedies might actually be harming their vehicles.

"To mix water and vinegar and pour it on the windshield before it starts freezing. That's actually not a good idea," Raffy Alawneh said, who works at Number One Auto Repair in Iowa City. Alawneh says the vinegar in this anti-ice solution can actually eat away at auto glass.

Alawneh said he's also heard of people pouring hot water on their windshields to melt ice off; he says that's also not smart as the quick temperature change can crack your windshield.

Instead, he recommends cold water to soften the ice first, this finish the job with a plastic scraper. Metal ones run the risk of chipping or scratching your glass.

"I go for the debit card, credit card," Cedar Rapids resident Brandon Huff said, but he prefers a plastic scraper if he's got one in the car.

Huff said he helped a friend change his tires Friday as the weekend storm moved in and it made a world of difference.

"He was a little nervous riding around yesterday," Huff said. "You can definitely tell a difference."

One way to see if you need new tires is to place a penny upside-down into the tire tread and if you can see Abraham Lincoln's entire head, your tires are likely too worn-down.

Travis Breese

Reporter, Iowa City

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