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Waterloo Police receive reports of ‘prop money’

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) - Over the last month, police in an Iowa town have gotten several reports of prop money, or, more specifically, people trying to pass it off as actual currency.

They say it often comes in cycles.

"It clearly says 'For Motion Picture Use Only.' It's not legal tender. So we'd encourage anyone accepting bills to take a look and make sure it doesn't say 'Motion Picture Use Only.' It's in big letters, if you look at the bill you'll see it," said Major Leibold with Waterloo Police. Leibold says other than the disclaimer the bills look and feel legit.

However, the special pen used to detect counterfeit bills will also work on movie money.

The issue with this money is how easily accessible it is, just a simple order online. Still, it's not legal tender and belongs on the silver screen.

If you knowingly purchase something with it, then that could lead to a theft charge.

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Taylor Vessel

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