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UPDATE: Man wants charges dismissed in ‘Deplorable’ cat hoarding case

UPDATE: According to our NBC Affiliate WHO-TV, A Madrid man charged with animal neglect in an extreme case of cat hoarding is trying to have his charges dismissed.

Dennis Carlson’s attorneys allege that the Iowa code that prosecutors say Carlson is in violation of is “unconstitutionally vague.”

Carlson appeared in a Polk County court room this afternoon.

Original Story: WHO-TV

MADRID, Iowa - The Animal Rescue League says their efforts at the Madrid cat hoarding property have concluded.

They have found a total of 186 living cats and kittens, and 194 dead cats. There were 380 total cats found on the property.

The ARL says they have hundreds of pets available for adoption right now and anticipate having some of the cats from these cases available for adoption as early as this week.



POLK COUNTY, Iowa – According to our media partners in Des Moines, WHO, a Polk County man is facing several charges related to hundreds of cats found in deplorable conditions.

A criminal complain says 65-year-old Dennis Carlson was living with more than 75 cats indoors with him. Conditions were deplorable with cat feces ranging from six inches deep to over a foot deep in some places.

The complaint says feces covered all surfaces in the residence. According to the complaints, “A large number of the cats were in poor health, including but not limited to emaciation, heavy parasites, neurological diseases and abscesses.”

Around 193 dead cats were found in the bar, garage and residence.

WHO reports that Carlson was booked into the Polk County Jail Tuesday afternoon on five charges of animal neglect and three charges of failure to dispose of a dead animal.

KWWL Staff

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