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2019 Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Warnings

We are going to take a look back at how many and where the tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings were across Iowa in 2019. First we will talk about the tornado warnings.

The map below shows the areas that were under a tornado warning at some point in 2019. When a particular location is under a tornado warning more than one time the color of that locations changes and matches the scale on the right. For example Iowa and Howard counties, in eastern Iowa, have more of a yellow or orange color to them. That indicates they were under a tornado warning several times in 2019.

The map below has each county with a number and color code to show how many times the counties were under a tornado warning. The top of the list this year was Howard County with 8 tornado warnings. Next was Iowa County with 7 and then Linn and Johnson counties with 6.

In the KWWL viewing area the following counties were never under a tornado warning in 2019: Black Hawk, Bremer, Clayton and Tama

Now for the severe thunderstorm warnings. Everyone was under a severe thunderstorm warning at least one time in 2019 across most of the state. There were a few locations that didn't have a severe thunderstorm warning (areas in white).

Here is the breakdown on the numbers per county. The highest numbers in the KWWL viewing area were in Cedar County with 17 and Johnson/Grundy Counties with 16 severe thunderstorm warnings. There were a lot more around Des Moines and the counties to the southwest.

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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