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Hundreds of animals rescued from eastern Iowa roadside zoo

MANCHESTER, Iowa (WHO-TV) -- According to our NBC affiliate, WHO-TV, hundreds of animals that included black bears, baboons and a wallaby were rescued from a roadside zoo in eastern Iowa on Monday.

The Animal Rescue League (ARL) said animals at Cricket Hollow Zoo in Manchester, Iowa, were living in "deplorable conditions."

ARL workers rescued a range of animals including two black bears, three cavies, four skunks, three coyotes, multiple raccoons, a wallaby and three baboons, as well as numerous rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, fish and birds. Among the birds are finches, parakeets and pigeons.

The ARL said it will also be bringing three cats, 33 rats, 27 mice, 11 raccoons, five miniature horses, three donkeys, fish, pigs, and possibly additional animals back to its location in Des Moines for treatment, rehabilitation, and eventual adoption or sanctuary placement.

The animals were removed following a ruling by an Iowa District Court judge in November that determined Cricket Hollow Zoo had chronically neglected the animals. The lawsuit is the third filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund against Cricket Hollow Zoo and has effectively shut the zoo down.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Wild Animal Sanctuary and additional partnering organizations assisted in the rescue.

Original Story: WHO-TV

Meg Swanson

News Content Producer

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