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$21 million put into Cedar Rapids streets in 6th year of Paving for Progress

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) -- In the 6th year of a one-cent sales tax program to fix city roadways a total of $21 million was invested.

The Cedar Rapids program, Paving for Progress was approved by the voters back in 2013.

This year a total of 47 roadway repair and reconstruction projects were completed, making it a record year for the city since the program began.

"Cedar Rapids has over 600 miles of roadway overall. We've repaired almost 60 miles of road now. We did 15 this year which was our biggest number so far," said Paving for Progress Manager, Doug Wilson.

Momentum that the city wants to capitalize on as the program passes the halfway mark.

"We did about 46 projects we usually average about 30 a year. We did a new program where we did some more pavement removal, asphalt removal, patching of residential streets," said Wilson.

In the 6 years of the program, $101 million have been invested into the streets. That's nearly double the $55 million invested in the 10 years prior to the program.

"We looked, to get everything in good or better condition, in the ten years we'd have to have $50 million a year, $500 million in the 10 years," said Wilson.

The city estimates by the program's end in 2024 it will have generated $190 million, still leaving them short of their goal.

"So we're making great progress but we'll still need to have some funding to improve our roadways," said Wilson.

This year some of the biggest projects included a large stretch of Mount Vernon Road up to East Post which saw pavement and utility work.

Meanwhile, over in the northeast quadrant crews were putting the final touches on Center Point Road which was reworked and brought up to ADA standards.

As for 2020, the city's sites are set on O Ave NW and 6th Street SW among others.

"A lot of work in all of the quadrants next year," said Wilson.

To learn more about the program or to see an interactive map of the projects, click here.

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