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Waterloo & Cedar Falls School Board Election Results

Longtime Waterloo School Board member, Lyle Schmitt, easily won re-election in Tuesday night’s School Board race. Stacie Mills also won election to the Waterloo Board of Education.

In Cedar Falls, 4 candidates won election to the Cedar Falls Board of Education, including Jenny Leeper, Susie Hines, Nate Gruber and Jeff Hassman.

Here are the Waterloo results with 38 of 39 precincts counted.   The top two win election

Lyle Schmitt  3,339

Stacie Mills   3,191

Rhonda McRina  2,758

Daniel Chavez  1,812


Cedar Falls School Board results with 18 of 19 precincts counted. The top four win election.

Jenny Leeper  4,646

Susie Hines  4,587

Nate Gruber  4,131

Jeff Hassman  3,913

Susan Sims  3,376

Aaron Culley  2,688




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