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October Snow

The end of October felt more like the end of December. It has been cold and snowy. There were two rounds of snow this week. Monday night was the first round of snow. The band of snow was across southeast Iowa into Wisconsin.

The second round of snow was Wednesday night into Thursday morning. This snow fell almost in the exact same location as the one earlier this week. Heavier snow fell with this event. Some locations received as much as 6″ of snow in our eastern counties while at the same time just flurries were reported in our northwestern counties.

The snow total for the month of October in Dubuque is 9.2″. This has SHATTERED the previous record of 3.9″ in 1925. Here is a look at the top 10 snowiest Octobers in Dubuque.

Waterloo received snow from both of these events but the amounts were much lower. The snow total for October in Waterloo is 2.1″. This amount puts Waterloo as 4th snowiest October on record. The top ten snowiest Octobers in Waterloo is below.


Here is a look at how the monthly average snow breaks down through the year at Waterloo.

The snow that fell on Thursday (Halloween) broke the daily records for all four of the locations.


Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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