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Jane Fonda arrested yet again; this time with Ted Danson

(NBC) – Actress Jane Fonda and actor Ted Danson were arrested on Friday during a climate change protest on Capitol Hill.

This is the third week in a row Jane Fonda has organized a climate change demonstration at the U.S. Capitol.

She’s been protesting weekly for the passage of the ‘Green New Deal’ and other legislation.

On Friday, Danson joined Fonda for a protest focused on the ocean, and in particular, getting rid of plastics and fighting the sea level rise impacting the Arctic.

Danson is expected to testify before Congress on the issue next week.

“‘Come get arrested with me!’ Jane said and I went ‘okay’ and boy it does, it focuses your mind, even though it’s a very sweet, gracious arrest, it does focus your mind about what is meaningful,” Danson said.

NBC News

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