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Horizons transfers mental health program to Covenant Family Solutions

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) – Horizons is announcing a new partnership with Covenant Family Solutions, who is stepping in to take on patients currently receiving services at Horizons.

Horizons says funding is one of two reasons they’re transitioning their services and patients to Covenant Family Solutions. Each agency says they’ll actually benefit from the move and patients shouldn’t be seeing any changes.

“It’s become more and more difficult for us to manage mental health services,” Horizons’ CEO Mike Barnhart said.

According to Barnhart, Covenant moving into the Horizons’ downtown location will allow Horizons to focus on food insecurity.

“We recently merged with elder services with Johnson County so we’ve taken more meals on wheels clients because of that,” Barnhart said.

Covenant is also taking on Horizon’s therapists and hoping to expand the mental health services offered in the building.

“Covenant is able to provide services that we haven’t been able to provide like, medication management,”
CEO of Covenant Family Solutions Jacob Christenson said. “By having more office space down in this area what we want to do is be able to bring some people who can spend some time dedicated to medication management here.”

Lindsey Piper, part of the team transitioning to Covenant, will be able to continue care with current patients.

“I know that a particular person was comforted with the fact that they’ll still be able to see me and they can still see me here at the same location,” she said.

Covenant says growth is one way they manage to thrive, while other agencies falter with funding.

“For us, what we’ve always done is expand whenever we find that we have reached capacity,” Christenson said. “So one thing that’s really appealing for us is that we can continue to offer services to title 19 and medicaid patients.”

Over the past two years covenant has added about 40 providers or therapists in preparation of this transition.
Horizons will still maintain a mobile therapist to assist with family support and survivors programs but will refer everyone else to covenant.

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Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids

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