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Hawkeyes prepare for Purdue on Homecoming

Offensive Struggles Continue/Iowa City
Two weeks — two losses — and two offensive performances with a lot left to be desired —

“Our defense gave us chance after chance to win and we weren’t able to convert.”

“We need to create holes for running backs, we keep Nate clean, and they go as we go so it’s not a good feeling at all.”

Frustrating may be the best word for the Hawkeyes who drive into opposing territory 11 times in the games against Michigan and Penn State — those drives resulted in three field goals — and just a single touchdown late in the 4th on Saturday — the first for the Hawks in more than 7 quarters —

Nate Stanley/Iowa Senior Quarterback
“We always want to end the drive with touchdowns. We’ve shot ourselves in the foot which is frustrating because we know that we can capitalize on those opportunities and score more points than we have.”

The big culprits seem to be turnovers and the lack of a rushing game — against Penn State — Iowa averaged just over two yards per carry — and they’ve turned the ball over 6 times in the last 2 games and took it back just one —

Nate Wieting/Iowa Senior Tight End
“We’ve been able to move the ball on both Michigan and Penn State and what it comes down to is taking care of the ball. If you take care of the ball your chances of winning go up exponentially.”

The Hawkeyes say they’ve identified the problems — on Saturday as a big favorite against Purdue — they’ll be looking to fix those issues and get a win for the first time in three weeks — In Iowa City — Mark Woodley — News Seven KWWL —

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