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Fall Color Update: Oct 14

Est. Peak Viewing Description of Fall Color
NE Iowa
Oct. 20th
The fall color show has finally arrived after being delayed by all the warm, humid weather from recent weeks. The hard maples are starting to turn their typical yellow, orange and red. The aspen are now a brilliant yellow and some oak trees are beginning to turn golden brown. This weekend should be very nice for leaf peeping.
NC and NW Iowa
There is still a lot of green in the landscape but more trees are starting to turn color.  Walnuts, ash, elms, cottonwood, basswood, locusts, and some hickories are yellowing and some are losing leaves. Sumac, dogwood, and virginia creeper are showing reds.  Some sugar and black maple are starting to show some orange but it is still minimal.
Central Iowa
Oct 19
Hard maples are turning color now in the Iowa River Greenbelt and at area State Parks. The yellows from ash, elm, hickory, and cottonwood are offering really good color too. Poison ivy is at its peak with colorful yellow, orange, and pink vining up the trunks of trees. Oaks are just getting started and still a week away from good color.
SE Iowa
Oct 20
The overall landscape is still green. Walnut, cottonwood, black cherry, ash, and elms are starting to turn yellow and drop a few leaves.  Maple is still mostly green, but there are a few branches showing some yellow and red. Some sumac, poison ivy, and dogwoods starting to show some reds, and purples.
SCentral Iowa
Mid- Late October
There is starting to be some great color out there although the overall upland landscape is still green as oak has not started to change much yet. White ash is deep purple and many bottomland species like walnut, silver maple, hackberry, and green ash have nice yellow color. Bottomland areas and edges are dropping leaves. Sumac and ivy are bright oranges and reds. Hard maples are starting to change in urban areas.
WC and SW Iowa
Driving from Omaha to Pisgah last Friday allowed me to see excellent fall colors. Red and oranges from shrubs are hanging around nicely thanks to the cool nights and warm days. Most tree species are turning quickly with plenty of vivid yellow showing and some silver maples are showing orange and light red. Many of the areas red oaks are changing quickly. Most of the bur oaks are just beginning. Overall this may be the best week for fall colors, but next week will likely be the peak.


If you have any fall color photos from this year and you would like us to show them on tv, email us at



Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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