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Alabama real estate agent apologizing for ad, apparently made fun of Montgomery’s first black mayor

On Tuesday, Steven Reed was elected Montgomery’s first black male mayor.

The following day, realtor Craig Schaid created an ad and posted it on social media. He said he thought it would boost sales, but instead it prompted blow back from some who claim the advertisement is racist.

Schaid, who is a 17-year veteran in real estate, was fired from his job. He also resigned his position with the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors.

He insisted he thought nothing of skin color when he came up with what he considered a clever marketing ploy, an idea borrowed from the 2016 presidential election.

“There was a lot of that going on. ‘Hey, if Trump wins than I’m moving out of the country,'” he explained. “If I could take this back, I would. It was horrible. I want to apologize to anybody and everybody that I hurt. That I offended.”

NBC News

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