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VIDEO: School van driver used phone moments before contact with child

UPDATE: IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) – Video released Thursday of the accident between an Iowa City Community School District van and a 12-year-old student shows the driver using his phone moments before making contact with the student as he crossed the street.

The district identified Corey Turner as the van driver and says he has been placed on administrative leave until officials can find a “non-driving” role for him. Van driver is the only job Turner has had with the district.

A witness who helped the child to their feet told investigators the child hit the rear of the van while riding a push scooter across the intersection.

Turner stopped the district van and attempted to help the child, but he had rode off after sustaining only minor injuries, according to Capt. Denise Brotherton with ICPD.

Turner was cited for violation of Iowa Code 321.276 – Use of Electronic Communication Device While Driving.

Since Turner returned to the scene, he is not being charged with a misdemeanor.

Iowa City Schools officials tell us the driver of the van in the alleged hit-and-run last month was employee Corey Turner.

They also tell us Turner is on administrative leave until “placement in a non-driving position within the district is determined.”

Travis Breese

Reporter, Iowa City

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