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Senator Cory Booker returns to Iowa, reveals plan to address child poverty

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) – As part of a 4-day tour of the Hawkeye state, Senator Cory Booker stopped in Cedar Rapids to discuss his latest policy proposal that tackles child poverty.

“We have the capacity to do something about it,” said Senator Booker.

Booker’s plan focuses in part on changing the tax code to allow for a struggling family to receive $300 a month per child as a sort of allowance. A news release from the campaigns cites that they’re more than 1 in 10 children in Iowa that live below the poverty line, this is supported when compared to the latest Census Bureau data as well as statistics from the Anne E Casey Foundation’s Kid Count Data Center.

“When children are above the poverty line, they succeed much more, more productive, adding more not just to the economy but frankly to the possibilities of this country,” said Booker.

The plan would also expand food stamps and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, TANF.

Previously, Booker pushed the idea of “baby bonds” which are essentially savings accounts for every child. The money gained from those accounts could be accessed when the person turns 18. Those funds had some restrictions as to how it could be used such as paying for college, starting a small business, or a down payment on a mortgage.

The child allowance plan doesn’t have those sort of restrictions. The New Jersey Senator wasn’t phased when we questioned that.

“I live in a community below the poverty line, and I see every single day parents struggling for their kids, catch extra shifts when they can, and they still need food stamps,” said Senator Booker, who according to a Politico article lives in Newark just blocks from an inner-city apartment complex where Booker lived for 8 years.

Booker suggested two different ideas for how he would pay for this plan.

“This is could actually be paid for by number one, reversing some of the toxic, Trump tax cuts that gave corporation tax breaks and help them pay effective tax rates of 0. But it also has some creative things we don’t talk about enough,” said Senator Booker.

The former Newark mayor said he would support the IRS in catching more tax schemes.

“Just by getting better auditing for our wealthy, wealthy people in this country we would stop all these tax games, and we could pay for things like ending child poverty,” said Senator Booker.

In terms of other issues, Booker hopes to tackle lowering the rates of gun violence and in terms of his thoughts healthcare, such as “Medicare for all,” Booker said he would support the plans “that work.” He said he wanted to focus on plans that could be accomplished in 4 years with a divided congress.


Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter

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