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October begins with deer bow hunting season

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – The early split of deer bow hunting began October 1st, and hunter’s are asked to continue follow Iowa’s state hunting rules and regulation.

One of the many tools archery hunters use is the tree stand. Iowa DNR Conservation Officer Dakota Drish says while this is a useful tool, it it the most common danger for hunters.

“The number one biggest danger that we run into with archery hunters is tree stand falls, the importance of that fall arrest system when their climbing into and out of a tree stand will reduce a lot of our hunting incidents with archery hunters,” says Drish.

This weekend Drish spoke to a Hunter Education class, he stressed the importance of the ethics, rules and regulations for hunters out in the field. One of the students, Rachel Sweeney, is an aspiring hunter and wants to feel comfortable during the hunt.

“It was really helpful having the conservation officer from the DNR come in and give us some of the specific laws related to Iowa,” says Sweeney. “When I go out there I can kind of know what I’m after.”

If you are interested in archery hunting, but don’t know how to get into it, you have a chance to break the learner’s curve. Drish is looking to build a mentor archery hunt in Black Hawk County next fall.

“What I’m looking at doing is trying to put some newer archery hunters in contact with some of our mentors to be able to go out there and harvest some of that anter-less deer within that Urban Deer Management hunt,” says Drish.

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Vinny Lowerre

Producer & Multimedia Journalist

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