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Verve Kombucha features shared plates and statewide distribution

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – The Cedar Valley is seeing a new business pop-up serving the latest trends of kombucha.

Verve Kombucha secured their prime location through the city, where they beat out other bids for the location. The bar and kitchen features alcoholic drinks, diverse menu items and the drink, kombucha. The trending drink from the coasts are making sprouts in Iowa.

The business started as a dream from Sidecar Coffee. Verve partners Alex Hottle and Andy Fuchtman brewed it for their own consumption. Fuchtman approached Hottle to expand the drink into a new business in Waterloo.

“We just had this dream and idea in our head that we didn’t know if it would actually come to fruition,” says Hottle. “When the building came up we were like wow, we should see what laws we need to abide by.”

The two entrepreneurs received help from Brent Dahlstrom and SingleSpeed Brewing Co.’s Dave Morgan. Verve Kombucha is currently running a soft opening from Thursday until Sunday.

Hottle says the long-term goal is distributing their drink throughout the state of Iowa.

“We would like to distribute kombucha all across the state where that’s in bottles to grocery stores,” says Hottle. “Things like that as well as kegs of kombucha to breweries and other bars would allow them to offer a non-alcoholic drink.”

The dining style includes shared plates, where the dining party can try multiple meals at once. The diverse menu features a diverse menu including vegan and organic options.

“We want people to come in and enjoy our drinks and enjoy our food, but we don’t want anyone to get turned away because of a dietary restriction,” says Chef Luke Benson.

If kombucha isn’t your thing, then they do offer a full bar with alcoholic beverages.

There is no gran opening currently scheduled, but Hottle says they are planning for one towards the end of October. They also say their goal is to be open seven days a week, compared to the current four days.

Hottle also said it was perfect timing to start up the business, but the prolonged opening was the certification from the state to brew the kombucha and the need for a sprinkler system in the building.

Vinny Lowerre

Producer & Multimedia Journalist

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