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UPDATE: Child Safety Day canceled due to weather

Keeping kids safe will be the focus of a special event set for this Sunday, September 29, at the Angels Memorial Island Park in Evansdale.

Sunday is Child Safety Day in Evansdale.

Families and the public are invited, and everything is free. The 3 hour event will begin at 1 p.m.

Numerous members from law enforcement and fire departments will be on hand to teach kids about staying safe.

There will be music and free food, as well.

Participants are asked to park at the Evansdale Police/Fire station at 911 Evans Road. Free transportation will be provided to the nearby Angels Memorial Park.

Free fingerprinting and DNA kits will be available to all children.

It’s the ‘All-Free’ Child Safety Day, Sunday, September 29, at Angels Memorial Park.

A reminder:  Please park  in the Evansdale Police/Fire station at 911 Evans Road. Transportation will be provided to Angels Park.

UPDATE: Child Safety Day has been canceled because of the weather. Angels Park Memorial Island of Evansdale posted to Facebook, saying they feel it isn’t fair to all the vendors and patrons to possibly deal with rain, wet conditions and possible winds.





Ron Steele

Evening Anchor

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