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UPDATE: Speed to be reduced around Amber’s Hula Hoop Tree

JONES COUNTY, Iowa (KWWL) — A roadside attraction in Jones County has been slowly gaining attention over the last few years but now it may be at risk of shutting down.

It’s the Hula Hoop Tree located just outside Amber along County Home Road 23.

The tree is scheduled to be a topic of conversation at tomorrow’s Jones County Supervisors meeting for “liability concerns”.

Along the scenic drive to Amber, Iowa there’s a lot that’ll catch your eye, but one them though, will have you taking another look.

“It’s beautiful and whimsical,” said Georgia Sack, an employee at Yogi’s Inc. in Monticello.

“It’s so out of place and silly,” added Chris Nadge, who also works at Yogi.

Sack and coworker Nadge have been watching the tree grow in fame and hoops since 2015.

It all began when their carpool group first noticed a single hoop in the tree after a storm.

However, one day it disappeared said Sack, “I stopped and said you guys the hula hoop came back. Well somebody probably picked it up and put it back. It was orange and black and we looked at it and were so excited.”

After that, they added more and more. Slowly, it took off. Now the tree and its hundred of hoops draw people from all over the country and even the world.

“People are unfortunately brought together by tragedy and for some many people to be brought together by something purely innocent and joyous it’s… I can’t even explain it,” said Nadge.

Now the group that introduced the tree to the world online with the Amber Iowa Hula Hoop Tree Facebook page online, is trying to come up with some ways to ensure visitor safety, as there’s nowhere to park on the 55 mph road.

“We want everyone to have a safe visit, no one to get hurt with the busy traffic,” said Sack.

“We initially had created some signs ourselves, an idea, to put out there,” said Nadge.

Sack and Nadge said in the long term they hope to create a pull-out or parking area to keep the hundred that visits the county to view the tree safely, so its legacy can continue.

The county engineer tells KWWL News 7 there have not been any accidents in that area recently and that visibility around the tree.

The county supervisors meeting begins tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.


UPDATE: September 24, 2019

Jones County Supervisors, Wayne Manternach and Ned Rohwedder, both confirmed to KWWL Tuesday afternoon that they have decided to lower the speed limit to 35 mph in the area of the Hula Hoop Tree, on E23 County Home.  The speed limit will drop from 55 mph.

The unanimous decision occurred at Tuesday morning’s Jones County Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids

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