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#14 Hawks ready to go after bye week

IOWA CITY(KWWL)–For the Iowa Hawkeyes — the bye week couldn’t have come at a better time — and they took full advantage.

“I slept. I did a lot of sleeping, and just relaxing, and hanging out with our teammates.”

The bye came after Iowa picked up a hard, fought 18, 17 win over Iowa State in Ames — it was a game that saw multiple weather delays — turning the contest in to an all-day affair that took it’s toll on the Hawks —

“We’re in there trying to roll out and stretch for two hours trying to stay loose. I mean you can only do so much when your body’s just naturally going to tighten back up and we had to go back out there.”

“That game was very intense. very physical. A lot of people were getting banged up, bruised up.”

So Iowa should be healthy when Middle Tennessee arrives on Saturday — the Blue Raiders aren’t exactly a household name — and this game is sandwiched right between the Cy-Hawk and a marquis trip to Michigan — still — the Hawkeyes say a let-down won’t be a problem —

“This team can do a lot. They’re very dangerous. Their quarterback, man he’s scary. He can make a game out of any team. We saw what they did to Michigan in that first week. It was a ballgame that first half.”

“There’s a lot of good examples of teams getting beat by MAC schools, or conference USA, or even FCS schools. We’re an example of it a couple of years ago.”

and it’s something they don’t want to see happen again — in Iowa City — Mark Woodley — News Seven KWWL —

Rick Coleman

Sports Director

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