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Public Safety Debate comes forward at latest city council meeting

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – The discussion was short but loaded Monday night as both sides of the Public Safety Officer debate took a stance.

The fact that we’re putting that out in a mayoral race is not a good thing,” said Cedar Falls resident Mike Butler.

Butler got the ball rolling Monday night, calling into question a blog post by Councilman Rob Green, who’s running for mayor of Cedar Falls.

This is not something that should be out on blogs, in the newspapers, or on the internet for the public to read somebody’s name whether they think it’s good or not, doesn’t matter,” said Butler.

The post talks about former Cedar Falls Fire Captain Josh Lux, who resigned in lieu of termination last year. The city claims Lux falsified reports. Councilman Green says in his blog post that Lux was also charged with failing to obey a direct order when he wouldn’t reveal the names of several firefighters who were planning to leave the department. Green said he agreed with Lux’s decision to keep quiet

If you believe that I did something improper, I encourage you to censure me,” said Councilman Green.

Green didn’t say anything else at the meeting, but told KWWL he presented the situation to “help the voting public understand why cedar falls needs change both in city conduct and city leadership.” He also said the information was public record and he had Lux’s blessing to share the story. 

The city council took no action against Green but said it is city policy to not discuss personnel matters at the city council meeting.

It’s no different than any other department in this community what we’re asking for in this department and for people to get on board with this program,” said Councilman Mark Miller.

Miller says he wished people would discuss the issue with all the information, but also said the community will just have to agree to disagree.

It is unfortunate that we have a group of employees that are unwilling to cooperate with this program and it’s dividing this community, and it is absolutely unfortunate,” said Councilman Miller.

I also talked to Mayor Jim Brown today who said it was wrong for Green to convey the information of that investigation, but also said Green only shared part of the story in that blog post. Brown called Green’s actions disappointing and disingenuous.

There’s also an investigation involving the Cedar Falls firefighter’s union president Scott Dix for misconduct, you can read the disciplinary notice he received below.

Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter

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