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New blackout license plates going fast in Linn County, gone in Johnson County

LINN COUNTY, (Iowa) — Since the release of blackout license plates in the state, Iowans have been rushing to treasury offices to snatch them up.

The plates have been so popular in fact, as of this afternoon the Linn County Treasury Office only has about 60 plates still in stock.

This comes after the Iowa DOT first delivered 500 plates to the office.

The Linn County Treasurer’s Office has placed another order for 500 more blackout plates. However, the order date isn’t expected for two weeks.

The office does expect to run out of plates before the new delivery on Sept. 25th.

Customers can still come in to request a blackout plate. The office will call them once the new inventory arrives.

Currently, customers in Johnson County looking for the new blackout plates are out of luck.

The Johnson County Treasury Office ran out of the popular plates. According to the Iowa DOT due to the high demand, they are unable to keep up with production.

Johnson County does not have a date for when they will get re-stocked.

Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids

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