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Cedar Valley Hospice Hosts 8th Annual Release and Remember

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – Cedar Valley Hospice are continuing the annual remembrance of loved ones in a unique way.

The 8th Annual Release And Remember is all about honoring loved ones who have passed. The event is a fundraiser to build upon services provided by Cedar Valley Hospice. Development Director Chris Olds estimated over 2,000 people were in attendance.

“We have invited really the entire community,” says Olds. “Our service area is 15 counties so really lots of people from northeast Iowa are here to honor or memorialize someone they’ve loved.”

There were many stories to be told and one family have made this event a family tradition. The Alberts have been attending Release and Remember for three years. They are remembering a Father and Grandparents.

“The more people you have the better you can heal, and just honoring them is a very meaningful thing to do,” says Kari Alberts.

At the end of the event 1,000 Monarch Butterflies were released. The butterflies signify the loved ones will always be with you.

“The honorary box openers are actually our employees. We thought for our 40th anniversary we will bring them down on stage,” says Olds “We’ll be releasing the butterflies and looking out into the audience, and the audience will be looking at all of us sort of as a moment for us to remember how special it is to serve this community.”

If you wish to contact to donate to Cedar Valley Hospice click here.

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