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Ahead of elections, city of Dubuque reminds residents of candidate sign regulations

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) — The City of Dubuque wants to remind residents of where an election sign can or cannot go on their property.

Planning services manager Laura Carstens says the rules are pretty straight forward. She says if residents measure ten feet back from the curb of the street onto their property, then take a couple more steps back that should be a good place for a sign.

A map example indicating where a sign should and should not go is below:

She says the regulations are meant for safety and ensure signs are not blocking the view for motorists or blocking sidewalks for pedestrians.

“They’re really designed around safety, keeping things out of the area where people are going to be, not blocking visibility. And really just still letting the signs be visible and have their purpose.”

Carstens says signs, especially large ones, should not be places on street corners where they could potentially obstruct the view of cars or bicycles.

She says if any residents are still not sure where their property line is or where a sign is allowed, the planning services department can help.

“If you’re not sure, don’t guess feel free to call the planning services department we will look up on our geographic information system online and give you an estimate of where that property line is.”

If your sign is in the wrong spot you won’t get a ticket, but Carstens says the city public works department will come and move it out of the way. They will also leave a green note letting you know where the sign should go in the future.

City council and school elections are November 5th, 2019.

Cori Hanna

Today in Iowa reporter

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