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Heating up in the Tropics

All eyes have been on Hurricane Dorian the past week and rightfully so. The once category 5 hurricane devastated part of the northern Bahamas before meandering up the east coast of the US. The following pictures show just part of the massive destruction in the Bahamas in Dorian’s wake.

The Atlantic Basin is getting a bit crammed with tropical activity with 5 disturbances currently.

In the Pacific, there are two disturbances.

The overall view of the tropics is quite busy as storm after storm tries to develop. Currently there are 4 named storms.

Of the four named storms, here are the expected tracks:


Dorian is expected to ride along the coast as a category 2 storm. A landfall in the Carolinas is not out of the question. Storm surge, strong winds, heavy rain, and isolated tornadoes will all be possible for parts of Georgia, south Carolina, and North Carolina. As the storm pushes north into the weekend, it’ll begin to weaken.


Tropical storm Gabrielle will push to the northwest and remain over water through the weekend. This storm may become a hurricane by early next week.


Tropical depression Fernand is moving over eastern Mexico and is expected to dissipate soon.


Juliette is moving through the eastern Pacific to the west northwest as a category 1 hurricane. The hurricane is expected to weaken into the weekend.

We are in the midst of peak hurricane season. From now until the end of September, we typically see the most number of tropical storms and hurricanes.

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