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Hurricane Dorian: 7 PM CDT Update

Here is 7 PM CDT, intermediate update from the National Hurricane Center. Nothing has changed but the current  position with this update. The next complete advisory will be at 10 PM CDT.

Dorian remains a Category 5 storm with winds of 185 mph and moving west at 5 mph. The eye of the storm is located about 75 miles east of Freeport Grand Bahama Island or about 155 miles east of West Palm Beach, FL.

The video above will take 1-2 minutes to load.


As of 4 PM CDT, Hurricane Dorian is located about 95 miles east of Freeport Grand Bahama Island or about 175 miles east of West Palm Beach, FL. It has winds of 185 mph, making it a Category 5 storm and is moving very slow…west at 5 mph. Click here for the complete report from the National Hurricane Center.

The storm is forecast to remain a category 5 as it continues to move ever so close to the east coast of Florida before it makes a last minute turn north. This northward turn is expected either late Monday or Tuesday. The center of circulation is forecast to remain over water and this will allow the storm to remain a major hurricane (Cat 3+) all the way up the coast of Florida. The western edge of the storm will be scrape the Florida coast line.

Dorian continues to follow the bend of the southeast coast near Georgia on its way northeast skirting the coasts of South and North Carolina. At this time it is still a hurricane. This will take all week to move up the east coast.

Hurricane Warnings are now posted for parts of Florida. You can get the exact locations in the full report mentioned at the beginning of this story.

The maps below show the areas with chances of hurricane force and tropical storm force winds through Friday afternoon.

The images below are from the eye of Hurricane Dorian (center of the storm) from a NOAA Hurricane Hunter airplane Sunday.


Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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