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Wahlert edges West Delaware to open the season


To start the 2019 season both teams squared off in the rock bowl of Loras College.

If you had to summarize this game it would be defense, defense, defense! As the golden eagles apply a 4 man rush and get Jared Voss for the sack.

Both teams were held scoreless in the first, that is until West Delaware started to make there move as Jared Voss connects with Kyle Kelley and get gets out of bounds just within the 10.

Next play Jared Voss fakes pitch hands it off to number 20 my man and truck sticks his way in the end zone for a touchdown to put West Delaware up on the board 7-nothing.

West Delaware gets the ball back Jared Voss looks downfield and it gets intercepted by Tyler Dodds as he takes this one to the 40 and gives his team great field position.

The Eagles would capitalize on this play Charles fair drops throws this one downfield  tying this game up at 7 to 7.  Wahlert wins 17-15.

Rick Coleman

Sports Director

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