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Dubuque residents concerned over sidewalks

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) – The City of Dubuque is working to resolve some issues regarding the lack of available sidewalks on Central Avenue.

Construction projects on the road have made things difficult it difficult for pedestrians trying to move through the city. In some areas, people are given the option to walk through shoulders of traffic or change their route all together.

“Most of the accidents that we are seeing in that area, pedestrian wise, are because of improper crossing by pedestrians,” said Joe Messerich, spokesman for the Dubuque Police Department.

According to data from the Iowa D.O.T. there have been just short of a thousand car accidents in Dubuque County this year. Nine of those accidents involved pedestrians.

Now, the city wants to make the roads safer for pedestrians by adding more temporary sidewalks around their construction sites. Other safety features have also been implemented.

“The signals on Central are now running as of today,” said Jon Dienst, Civil Engineer for the City of Dubuque. “It was a four-way stop before which was kind of problematic for pedestrians trying to get across.”

However, Messerich said that while it is inconvenient to reroute your commute, sometimes you’re better off safe than sorry.

“We’re obviously in the middle of construction season, so our roads and city streets will change,” said Messerich. “If you come up to a new traffic pattern because of construction, especially if you’re a pedestrian and you don’t know how to safely navigate it, then just take the time to walk around the block.”

Construction on 22nd and Central Avenue is expected to be finished next year.

Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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