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Former Longfellow Elementary to be torn down in Waterloo

While many students are gearing up to go back to class, some are saying goodbye to a Waterloo school building.

The former Longfellow Elementary will soon be torn down. It covers 8.9 acres of land. The Waterloo School District says asbestos removal is done. The building will be demolished within the next two weeks.

Neighbor Tyler Slater remembers going to Kindergarten there. “The swing set there, I was there every day for recess, and my classroom was like one of those two windows on the end.”

The building has been empty since 2008. Now, instead of books and school bells, you’ll likely find graffiti and broken glass.

Some good news for the area, the playground will stay put. It is NOT being demolished. Invision Architecture will be in charge of the demolition. The Waterloo School District is selling the property and accepting bids.

The Annex building outside Longfellow has already been torn down. Longfellow Elementary was completed in 1940.

Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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