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Epworth funeral home impaled by part of trampoline during weekend storms

EPWORTH, Iowa – A funeral home in Epworth is closed, after a trampoline impaled the side of the building.

This happened during weekend storms and heavy wind.

Larry Silker at Silker’s Store says a nearby trampoline was tossed so hard, part of it went into the west side of Reiff’s Funeral Home on Main Street.

He says, “I talked to the Reiff owner later on, and he said it went through the office building and restroom area.”

David Rauen says he was supposed to attend funeral services here this week.

“They were planning on having the funeral services for our friend, Louis, in Epworth, but because of the damage they had to transfer it all to Farley,” Rauen said.

Across the street from the funeral home, a large oak tree blew over in the storm. It belongs to the Silker brothers. They say they’re sad to see the tree go, but they’re happy it didn’t land on anything or anyone.

“It landed perfectly on the property, and it couldn’t have been any better, like it was laid to rest,” Silker says.

Epworth says most of the damage was just in one block. We have not been able to confirm when the funeral home will reopen.

Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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