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MERMAID SCHOOL: Traer Pool is teaching girls how to be ‘Little Mermaids’

TRAER, Iowa (KWWL) – This summer, one pool in Traer is making a splash. They’re offering special swim lessons.

Girls are learning how to be little mermaids.

Traer Municipal Swimming Pool started offering mermaid school last summer. It’s been a big hit ever since.

Each girl has their own unique tail covered in colorful scales.

Danica Minard teaches the class. She shows the girls different tricks and skills underwater. She said it’s kind of like acrobatics in the pool.

All you need is a mermaid tail and your imagination.

The term is called ‘mermaiding.’

It’s a growing trend that’s happening all over the world. It combines physical fitness and fantasy. In fact, Minard said there are ‘merpods’ in big cities. Merpods are groups of people who get together, swim and put on shows for audiences.

“They do it for a hobby and to meet people and kinda enjoy this fantasy thing but also get physically fit and meditate under water. It’s tranquil swimming like a mermaid under water,” Minard said. “I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s like a tranquil feeling.”

But swimming with a tail isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a learning curve.

“So you kinda have to get over that fear of it being unusual, and then once you kinda get confident with the fin, you can actually swim faster and you can be more aerodynamic in the water because you’re more like a torpedo and you have the fin to propel you,” Minard explained.

Minard admitted mermaiding is a little wild for a small town, but she said she’s glad Traer embraced her idea.

Since mermaid school started last summer, about a dozen girls have completed the class. Minard said she hopes to include more mermaids from all over eastern Iowa.

If you want to sign up for a mermaid class, there will be more sessions next summer. To learn more about the program, visit:

Olivia Schmitt

Weekend Anchor

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