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Iowa warns about algae blooms, what to look for after dogs killed in other states

A North Carolina woman took her three dogs to the pond. They later died after coming into contact with a toxic algae.

Today, we spoke with the Iowa Department of Public Health about how to protect your pets. A state toxicologist says the DNR monitors beach locations in the state.

There are a few beaches right now where swimming is not advised. To see those beaches, click here. 

Toxicologist Stuart Schmitz there’s also things people should look out for. He says, “Any time that you would notice a discoloration in the water, either a greenish or a blue tint, or the pea-soup color, that would indicate that you have a lot of harmful algae-blooms.” He says don’t get in the water and keep pets away if you’re concerned.

For more information on blue-green algae, click here. 

Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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