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The National Guard looking to expand in Waterloo

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – The National Guard is planning a public hearing to approve a lease agreement with The City of Waterloo.

The new property the guard would like to lease is located north of Airport Boulevard. The City of Waterloo and The National Guard already have a current leasing agreement since 2006.

Noel Anderson, Waterloo’s Community Panning and Development Director says the area of lease was meant for a private business, but since there were no takers The National Guard jumped on the expansion.

The area of lease would be leased at a little more than eight acres. Anderson says The National Guard is planning to use this location to construct more building and facilities. These new additions would allow more guard drills in this area.

“We’re also looking at the partnership of the whole airport, or city of Waterloo,” says Anderson. “They are bringing people here in the guard, maybe that will help them look for jobs here in Waterloo, help local businesses find new employees, so we’re also looking at all the bigger picture type items.”

Anderson went on to say the project would take place within the next five years. The public hearing to continue the discussion on the leasing agreement was approved by the council for August 26th. Anderson says federal funding has not been approved yet for this, but the lease would help move the process along.

Click here for the information provide by The City of Waterloo.


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