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Funnel cloud in Cedar Rapids Sunday

Much of the KWWL viewing area was dry Sunday afternoon. However, conditions were just right in Linn County for a shower to pop-up around 7:00 p.m.

Sunshine in the afternoon warmed temperatures just enough to add a little instability in the lower levels of the atmosphere to produce the shower, and there was just enough spin to produce a funnel cloud. The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning.

Fortunately, no tornado was reported, as the funnel cloud eventually dissipated. Several KWWL viewers sent us photos through e-mail and social media. First, I wanted to show you the viewpoint from Walker, about 20 miles north of Cedar Rapids. Notice how isolated the cell was. In fact, there was sunshine!

View of the shower from Walker – Andrew Thomas

Here are the funnel photos:

Teresa Mumaw



View from Mount Vernon – Kurt Andreesen


Domic Montgomery


Along I-380 – Dave SmolkHagen


Scott Groth



Nathan Burrows


Khieeda Shireman


Two funnel clouds – Jessica Anne


Emily Redden


Brad Brown


Brad Brown


Andy English
Author Profile Photo

Kyle Kiel


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