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Iowa D.N.R investigates massive fish kill

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) – The Iowa D.N.R. is currently investigating a massive fish kill on the Little Maquoketa River.

The D.N.R. learned about the kill on Thursday morning. Crews are currently investigating what caused the kill.

“The causes aren’t always the same,” said Mike Steuck, D.N.R. Fishery Supervisor. “Sometime’s they’re manure releases, sometimes its pesticides, sometimes  its oxygen depletion. So there’s different causes at the different times of the year. So we just don’t know what it is.”

Some of the species of fish killed include small mouth bass, channel catfish and bullheads. However, the river is still open for fishing during the investigation.

“Typically after an incident or a spill occurs, within 48 hours, whatever was in the water is washed down stream and then it is also diluted as it goes down stream,” said Steuck.

Anyone who sees additional dead fish is asked to contact the Iowa D.N.R.

Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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