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Waterloo police arrest teen in connection with second shooting

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) — An 18-year-old Waterloo man is in custody for his connection with a shooting on June 28th.

Demarrion Untrell Oden, 18, was arrested Wednesday for intimidation with a dangerous weapon in connection to to the June 28 shooting.

Police allege Oden fired a gun at or near the 900 block of West 7th Street in Waterloo. While no one was injured in that shooting, a bullet did hit a nearby minivan. The person inside the van was not hit.

Wednesday’s arrest was Oden’s fourth charge in the month of July.

He was arrested July 5 on the same charge as Wednesday, but in connection to a shooting on June 3.

Oden is accused of firing a gun in the 800 block of West 8th Street. In that incident, the bullet hit an SUV and grazed the leg of the person inside.

In both shootings, multiple people told police Oden committed the crimes.

He was also arrested July 23 for having .22 caliber ammunition in his possession, which is another felony charge. He also was charged with a serious misdemeanor for possession of a controlled substance, which police described as a “plastic baggie with a leafy substance inside that is suspected to be synthetic marijuana.”

People in the area told KWWL they are fed up with the violence in the neighborhood and fear for the safety of their children.

“Your kids can’t go out and play. You have to worry about people shooting constantly. It’s scary actually. It’s really hard,” said one mother.

She also said they had also witnessed other violent acts in the neighborhood.

“They’ve almost hit us a couple times. We’ve been really blessed and lucky not to be injured,” she said.

Other people in the neighborhood said they’ve considered moving as they are just tired of the worry. A man at the same house said the endless worry just isn’t worth it.

“She stays up at night worrying about what’s going to happen. I took off work and am missing money because I’m worried about what’s going to happen to her and the family. She’s like family to me,” he said.

Court records show Oden bonded out for the charge on July 5. He was out on pretrial release when he was arrested Wednesday.

Collin Dorsey

Weekend Anchor

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